Diving to the bottom of the Mariana Trench costs $ 750 thousand

In May this year Caladan Oceanic is organizing the first commercial expedition to the point called "Challenger Abyss". It is located in the southwest of the Mariana Trench and is officially considered the deepest place on our planet.

Caladan Oceanic was founded by Victor Veskovo, a retired officer in the U.S. Navy and a generous investor, who became the fourth person in history to descend into the Challenger Abyss. He has already done so twice in order to personally evaluate the tourist potential of this destination, and concluded that such a service has a number of advantages, not to mention the uniqueness of such an offer.

The Pressure Drop, converted from the USS Indomitable, is used for diving. The cost of one tour is $750 thousand, it is designed for 8 days, during which tourists will make three dives. It is reported that the first two rounds have already been sold. In addition, Veskovo himself does not mind to visit the trough once again. In particular, he is going to prove to James Cameron that the bottom there is not flat and the real depth is at least 17 meters more than the director measured when he sank there in 2012.

The most interesting, according to Veskovo, will be not a dive, a very long and boring, but a test of darkness. There, at such a great depth, it is perceived by man quite differently, akin to the endless darkness of open space. The hallucinations and all sorts of strange sensations that arise in this process, science can not yet explain. But a secondary part of these tours is precisely the collection of new data, as well as further exploration of the oceans.

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