Disassembling Nubia Red Magic 5G. What does it look like inside?

Nubia Red Magic 5G is one of the most interesting phones on the market, which is characterized by both quality display (with 144 Hz update) and a rather specific approach to cooling. Now we can see what the phone looks like inside.

On PBKreviews channel in the service youtube.com there is a new video, in which the creators show how to parse this model. First of all, we see really powerful equipment for cooling the phone. This is an aluminum plate between the back panel and the motherboard, and metal shells on the processor, and special copper plates. In addition, there is a fan and a copper heatsink connected to it by a tube.

Interestingly, according to experts, the phone, despite this design, is not particularly difficult to repair. PBKreviews reports that it is easier to take it apart than, for example, the previous smartphone of the company, i.e. Nubię Red Magic 3s. Moreover, many components are interchangeable, so in the event of a malfunction it is easy to replace them. You can see the entire analysis in the video below.

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