Cubbit has developed a personal digital cloud that you don't have to pay for every month

The concept of cloud data storage is moving to the next evolutionary level. First, monthly rent is disappearing as a burden on the user - they only need to take care of Internet access. Secondly, from a data center controlled by a corporation, the cloud moves to a personal physical storage with advanced features.

The founders of the Cubbit startup wanted to give the Internet back some of its former freedom and ease of sharing information. For this purpose, the digital cloud they developed was given a specific form . It costs $249 and belongs only to its owner, he does not pay for operation, keeps a connection to his cloud from anywhere in the world and decides who to give access to it. However, the responsibility is also entirely on it - as a backup storage in case of fire in the apartment the gadget fits badly.

The default size of the cloud is 4 TB, but you can connect an external hard drive to it or combine it with your home server. Data transfer uses triple protection, including AES-256 encryption. Several different accounts can be created for the same cloud, with flexible access rights settings. Speed of data exchange depends entirely on the quality of communication and is generally at the same level as for popular cloud services.

And yet the main advantage of Cubbit its developers consider independence from large IT-companies. Personal data has become too valuable to trust anyone to even store it easily. Not to mention controlling access to your information - no one can guarantee that corporations do not sell your personal data to large businesses.

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