COVID-19 appeared in Fallout 76. Players are building hospitals and research centers to fight the coronavirus

COVID-19 also appeared in the game Fallout 76, which created a special hospital to treat patients with this dangerous virus, and groups of players give out medication to the opposite users. As we can see, the ingenuity of the users can be surprising.

Coronavirus is a topic that doesn't come off the headlines, and as it turned out, it also entered the world of Fallout 76. As the pandemic continues, the community has created Responders Retaliatio, an organization that brings together people who act as doctors, volunteers, couriers, and more.

Interestingly, gamers with less experience receive items, including powerful weapons, for free. It's a kind of tribute to true medical professionals on the front line in the fight against COVID-19, who often risk their lives to save others.

A co-founder of a group also on Facebook admitted that doctors do a great job during a pandemic and everyone is very grateful to them for that. This is not the only Coronavirus-related event in the game. The Ginger Empire has built a hospital where patients infected with this dangerous virus find themselves.

In addition, we will also find a special research center working probably on a drug or vaccine for COVID-19. Unfortunately, there was also no shortage of negative reactions, because one day an enemy faction broke in with flamethrowers and destroyed the building, so they gathered to rebuild it. Interestingly, the group responsible for creating the hospital accepts volunteers who must be interviewed.

In Fallout 76 there is also no shortage of humorous scenes related to the situation in the world, and some decided to raise prices for toilet paper. It is worth mentioning that covid-19 also made it to GTA online. Recently, on the servers of the popular game Rockstar players may encounter unexpected announcements announcing the introduction of curfews and the need to stay indoors due to the ongoing pandemic. Users who do not comply with this rule, go to jail.

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