Cougar GX-F Aurum PSUs

Cougar introduced its GX-F Aurum range of power supplies for gaming PCs. These 550W, 650W and 750W power supplies feature modular cable systems.

The advantages of Cougar GX-F Aurum PSUs include: high efficiency (certified 80 Plus Gold); single +12V bus circuit with DC-DC conversion; high voltage stability (maintained at ±3%).

Each of the three models has two EPS 4+4 connectors, which provide support for future processors. The 550W unit has two PCIe 6+2 auxiliary power connectors and six SATA connectors. The 650W and 750W units each have four PCIe 6+2 auxiliary power connectors and eight SATA connectors. The components are cooled by 135mm fans with hydrodynamic bearings.

The new Cougar power supplies are backed by a seven-year warranty. PSU prices are not reported, but it is known that sales will start at the end of April.

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