Compact Rocketboil oven ready to run on any fuel

The Rocketboil rocket furnace project appeared on Kickstarter, which consumes any kind of fuel. Dry wood, leaves, brushwood, pine cones, charcoal and any solid fuel briquettes are suitable for melting it. You can also use liquid fuels, such as disinfectants - bioheels based on ethanol.

Rocketboil consists of a double-walled aluminium bulb, a natural cork heat insulator, an anodized aluminium combustion chamber and the same pot stand. For liquid fuel there is a special nozzle with a recess, and for storage and carrying there is a sturdy bag with a lanyard.

A small combustion chamber is placed inside the base of the furnace, under the flask. In its upper part there is a stand for the kettle. About 550 ml of water is poured into the flask, which is enough for two cups of boiling water or two portions of semi-finished products.

The stove can be used for simultaneous cooking and boiling of water, which will save fuel. Depending on the type of fuel, the boiling time is about 7 minutes.

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