CaseAway will add a second full screen to any smartphone

Smartphones "folding beds" with two screens are becoming more and more popular. There is a simple explanation for this: the second screen was indeed not superfluous. Startup company castAway offered a somewhat unusual way to get the cherished second screen, the function of which is taken over by the smartphone case.

With the castAway screen you can open several applications, copy/paste objects and access files and photos from any screen.

Features of the screen case:

  • Connects to any iOS or Android phone and continues to work even when disconnected from your smartphone;
  • Has a dual boot option that allows you to use the screen as a keyboard, trackpad or game controller;
  • Equipped with a high resolution capacitive touch screen, front and rear camera, audio jack, WiFi and Bluetooth support;
  • Built-in battery can be used to recharge your smartphone.

The castAway's own memory is 32GB and can be expanded to 1TB using a memory card.

The user has options to copy information from one screen to another, run multiple applications, display the window on any screen and much more.

The case fits smartphones of 5.8 (S), 6.3 (L), 6.9 (XL) inch sizes. The corresponding sizeAway can be ordered with Indiegogo for $199, $209 and $219.

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