Careful. After updating, Sony PlayStation 4 stops working

Users are complaining about endless reboots and not just them.

The software update for the PlayStation 4 game console was released the other day.

Firmware with the number 7.50 has brought a lot of problems for users. Gamers started complaining in social networks and forums, that after the update the console stopped working.

Some gamers started to reboot the console endlessly, others stopped loading it at all. Sometimes the console is forcibly switched to the safe mode, where only the most basic functions are available. In addition, there are problems with optical drive for Blu-ray disks. 

Update 7.50 is just an ordinary storage update with a few bug fixes.

As a temporary solution, some users have been helped to enter safe mode. Others were able to install the firmware using a USB flash drive.

Sony support representatives confirmed that the company is investigating the problem. If you haven't already installed the firmware upgrade, it's best to refrain from doing so for the time being.

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