Apple Watch will take care of your mental health

Smart Apple Watch in the future will be able to warn users about panic attacks and various attacks. In this way Apple Watch will take care not only about your physical but also about your mental health.

This function will involve the system of artificial intelligence, as well as pulse oximeter, which is used for non-invasive measurement of oxygen saturation of capillary blood. This sensor should make its debut in the new smart Apple Watch Series 6, which is expected this fall.

Smart watches will be able to determine when the wearer is stressed or worried. Apple is working on its ability to automatically detect panic attacks. It is not known if this feature will be available in Apple Watch Series 6. It could take at least a year to test it.

The goal of this feature is to predict a possible panic attack before it occurs. And also to warn the user and offer help, such as breathing exercises, stopping if he is driving and so on.

To improve the accuracy of the function, users will be able to manually enter their symptoms. This will allow Apple Watch to better predict such attacks. The history of all detected panic attacks will also be available.

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