Apple and Google will track users with COVID-19 and the people they've been in contact with

People's connections will be tracked via Bluetooth technology

Apple and Google have announced a collaboration and development of a joint project to combat the coronavirus COVID-19.


In essence, it is a common platform for iPhone and Android users. This service will help to find out if you have had contact with a person who has been identified as a coronavirus. One of the main tools to contain the infection is tracking the circle of contacts.

People's connections will be tracked via Bluetooth technology. Each patient will be required to indicate their diagnosis, after which the system will send notifications to their contact persons. But there will be no names to indicate. The contact person will simply receive a notification with recommendations on what to do next.

All data is anonymous and there will be no access to the patient's location. For this purpose, a special anonymous key is used, which changes every 15 minutes.


Companies report on two development stages. In May they will release development tools (API), which will ensure compatibility of medical applications between devices of both operating systems. The applications will be available from the App Store and Google Play. And over the next few months, they will be working on extending the Bluetooth contact tracking platform by embedding functionality into operating systems. This is a more robust solution than the API, which will allow more people to participate and provide interaction with the application ecosystem and health authorities.

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