An ozone hole of 6 million kilometres was formed over the Arctic

The hole was formed as a result of climate change. It was climate change, not human guilt, that created the huge ozone hole. By the way, its size is 6 million square kilometers, which is more than Greenland.

The reason for the ozone layer destruction was the cold air that accumulated in the atmosphere due to the cold climate.

The size of the ozone hole was large, and the ozone concentration in the hole dropped by 90%. While the normal amount of ozone in the atmosphere was 3.5, that figure has now dropped to 0.3 particles.

Experts have dubbed this event the first ozone hole above the North Pole in history.

Scientists are reassured that the ozone hole is not dangerous yet. The sun is just beginning to rise above the horizon, and the radiation is not yet so strong. Scientists are also worried that the ozone hole may move to low latitudes.

For those who do not know what the ozone layer is, we report that the ozone layer protects our planet and its inhabitants from solar radiation, as well as from harmful ultraviolet. If there were no ozone layer, modern life forms on our planet would be impossible.

But the good news is. With the coming of spring and the arrival of heat, the cold masses of air could go away and the ozone hole would start to tighten. Scientists are predicting that the hole will be completely tightened by the end of April or the beginning of May.

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