American scientists first cured a patient with coronavirus (COVID-19) using the "Gimsilumab" drug

In the United States, scientists at Temple University Hospital were the first to cure a man suffering from coronavirus infection COVID-19, using the drug "Gimsilumab". Their work shows that "Gimsilumab" can protect against acute respiratory distress syndrome.

According to MedikForum.ru, acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) occurs in many patients with coronavirus infection. This condition, for which strong inflammation and destructive processes in the lungs are typical, develops due to a very active immune response. Patients with this condition often die, even though artificial lung ventilation devices are used.

In the United States, scientists have concluded that "Gimsilumab" helps reduce mortality from the effects of COVID-19. In a clinical study using BREATHE, they successfully cured a patient's painful infection for the first time.

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