Amazon created its own game service Project Tempo

The computer games market is expected to grow to $300 billion by 2025, and Amazon has announced plans to generate a substantial portion of that revenue. Even later, it is also launching its own Project Tempo cloud environment for remote gaming. In addition, the company has invested in content development and will present several large-scale exclusives by the summer.

Amazon's main weapon is its own cloud computing services, which are the most powerful in the world. Technically, there are no obstacles by analogy with Google Stadia to organize the launch of games in the cloud, with remote control even from a weak PC, even from a tablet. Already created and actively used a special game engine Amazon Lumberyard, which allows you to take full advantage of cloud services for multiplayer battles.

Formally, Amazon Game Studios has been working since 2012, but it is in the last few years the company has increased its investment in this area. Last year a joint project with Athlon Games - MMO "Lord of the Rings" was released. This year, as part of Project Tempo, Crucible and New World games were prepared. The first is a team shooter with non-standard rules, the second reveals a fantasy world in the spirit of the westerns.

Separately in Amazon reviewed the fate of Twitch, which belongs to the corporation. The company's management hopes to combine service and cloud technology to organize interactive game shows. For example, when an authoritative streamer invites a couple of spectators to his virtual team and plays with them. And at the same time, broadcasts the gameplay to all others, calling to join, to measure their strength, etc.

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