A small ergonomic console will replace the writers' laptop

For many decades, the constant accessory of the psalter was the typewriter, which in the era of computers was replaced by a laptop. However, if you spend many hours typing, and the laptop shows certain inconveniences. In particular, it has to be set at a certain height, comfortable for hands and neck.

Research to create a special device for printing has not stopped for many years. One curious solution to this problem is the Keyboardio Model01 keyboard, which allows you to work comfortably sitting on the sofa. This is an author's system assembled from different parts, which solve a common problem.

The keyboard is connected to the Kensington trackball, which is attached to the Velcro and connected to the built-in USB hub of the keyboard.

The curved wire stand (available on sale or made by yourself) has two brackets that attach it to the Roost laptop stand to secure the screen at the right angle. The display is a tablet on electronic ink with a large screen running Android 9. The authors assure that the system has turned out to be really comfortable and ergonomic. Anyone can check their application!

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