A mutant bacteria enzyme will destroy plastic waste in just a few hours

Carbios' research team has created an enzyme that is produced by mutant bacteria and can destroy plastic bottles in just 10 hours. The unique technology was created in collaboration with Pepsi and LOreal.

The enzyme breaks down plastic waste into individual chemical components, which can then be used to produce new bottles. In contrast to this technology, thermomechanical processing gives plastic of insufficient quality, which is used mainly in the manufacture of clothing and carpets.

It should be noted that the enzyme-destroying agent was created by nature after all. It was first discovered in 2012 in a pile of composted leaves.It was not only the most effective among other enzymes, but also very profitable in production - about 25 times cheaper than making a new plastic from oil.

According to Alain Marty, a representative of the Carbios Scientific Committee, the researchers hope to test the potential of the new enzyme in France in 2021.

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