A feature will appear in iOS 14

It lets you run applications without installing them on your smartphone

The new version of iOS 14 introduces a new feature that allows you to run applications without installing them on your smartphone.

It will work on the basis of Clips API. But the app will run on your smartphone after you scan the corresponding QR code.

For example, someone wants to share a YouTube video with you and for this purpose generates a QR code and sends it to you. All you have to do is scan this code and your smartphone will launch the YouTube video in a separate window, even if you don't have this application installed.

The developers will be able to determine for themselves which part of the program to activate within this function, because all the features of the software in this mode are not required.

In Android, this feature is called Slices, but it is implemented in a slightly different format - in the search results of Google and Assistant.

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