5 most important Russian inventions that mankind uses all over the world

Activated charcoal

One of the most popular sorbents used both in Russia and around the world. It is one of the most popular sorbents used both in Russia and around the world. Despite the presence of other analogues, it is used most often.

But the originally activated carbon was not invented for this purpose at all. Russian chemist Nikolay Zelinsky was looking for a special substance that could be used as a filter in a gas mask. This invention saved many lives during the First World War. And only much later, activated carbon was found to be used in medicine.

The Ebola Vaccine

The Ebola outbreak hit Africa and the world in 2014, and people continue to die from it - the mortality rate reaches 90%. An effective drug has been developed for several years and has finally entered the market.

One of the vaccines being developed was created by Russian scientists. By October 2019, it had passed many clinical trials and is ready for distribution in Africa. This vaccine could save thousands of lives and stop the Ebola epidemic in Congo and elsewhere.


Since ancient times, people have tried to get rid of the excruciating pain of surgery. They were preparing tinctures and poultices, which were often fatal.

And now anesthesia surgeries are performed all over the world. In Russia, anesthesia has spread thanks to two famous surgeons: Nikolai Pirogov and Fyodor Inozemtsev. In 1847, they performed several dozen operations with the use of diethyl ether. In addition, Pirogov was the first in the world to use ether anesthesia in the field! In total, he carried out more than 10,000 operations.

For the first time in the world, Pirogov also invented the use of plaster as a fixation bandage, thus the rate of recovery has greatly increased.

Color photo

It is very difficult to imagine the modern world without photos. Now black and white photos are considered a rarity, a relic of the past. And color photos are used everywhere.

This merit is first of all due to Russian chemist Sergey Prokudin-Gorsky. At the beginning of the XX century he not only improved the existing method of color photography, as a result of which photographs began to fade much slower.

He also toured the entire Russian Empire, taking pictures of Russian life, industry, peasantry and nature.

Personal computer

The very first device, similar to a modern computer, was created by a Soviet engineer Arseny Gorokhov. The scientist even managed to obtain a patent for this invention.

It should be noted that the invented device was not the first in history. Similar computers already existed in both the USA and the USSR. Gorokhov only improved the available ideas. The invention included almost everything that a computer has now. There was a monitor, a system unit, a hard drive and much more.

Unfortunately, Gorokhov could not get the money to implement his invention. His ideas formed the basis for future Soviet and American projects.

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