Yellow makes people happy - but not in all countries

Yellow is traditionally associated with positive emotions. However, recent studies have shown that not all people agree with this.

So, scientists decided to test the hypothesis of how the environment affects a person's perception of color. For example, residents of Finland, where it is often cold and rainy, have a completely different attitude to yellow compared with those who live in the Sahara region.

Researchers studied the data of a survey in which 6625 people from 55 countries of the world took part. They were asked to rate the 12 proposed colors based on their proximity to certain emotions, including joy, pride, fear, and shame.

It turned out that yellow color evokes the most positive emotions among residents of countries located far from the equator, where there are not so many sunny days. For example, in Finland, sunshine is associated with joy and happiness in 87.7% of respondents, in the United States - in about 60-70%, but in sultry Egypt this figure did not reach 6%.

The team also checked how the “color” associations change depending on the time of year. It turned out that people's opinion about a particular color does not depend on the season - yellow color reminds of the sun both in winter and in summer.

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