Yandex blocks Telegram forever. A new messenger "Yandex.Chats" has appeared


Yandex has begun to promote its own Yandex.Chats messenger. The new service is very similar to Telegram. It seems that the Russian company intends to take part of the Russian market from the disgraced application, which many of its channels and bots have loved.

Yandex.Chats is a messaging service that has recently appeared on the mass market. Everyone can use it by clicking on the "Chats" label located in the lower right corner of the Yandex main page. Also, the Yandex Chat icon has appeared in some web versions and other services of the company. We found it at least in Yandex.Market and My Regions. Of course, Yandex Chats can also be used with the help of mobile applications: Yandex with Alice and Yandex.Chats.

As we noted above, the Yandex Chats interface is very similar to that in Telegram. The left side of the screen is reserved for channels and chats. Right - under the dialog boxes. Channels work exactly the same way as in Telegram. The user subscribes to updates and receives notifications of new posts.

A profile in Yandex Chats is automatically created based on Yandex.Passport data (a single account for all company services). That is, registration is not needed.

The user of Yandex Chats is destined not only for a passive observer. He can become a content maker by creating a channel or chat. The publication format is slightly different from Telegram. In Yandex Chats, you cannot attach a description to multimedia files — they are published in separate messages.

Each post has a counter of views and reactions. The last seven. It looks like Facebook. Useful option. Telegram does not have it by default. However, the problem is solved by special bots.

Interestingly, channels do not have tags (short names spelled via @). As a result, you can get to any channel only by invitation link. Or if it falls into the service feed. Yandex Chats automatically recommend channels that, according to the algorithm, may interest the user.

Searching in Yandex Chats also does not work as it does in Telegram. He searches for channels exclusively in user subscriptions. With it, you can’t find a new channel by name. Always need a link.

At the time of publication, Yandex did not answer the question about positioning Yandex.Chats. However, it seems that in the future, the company sees Yandex Chats as an additional information resource. Convenient mobile news aggregator, which will settle in every Yandex service. This is inevitable, since the presence of this option is necessary for a super application.

Experts concluded that now Yandex is marking not so much in the audience of Telegram as in users of the social network VKontakte. Which, by the way, has also recently been trying to restart a smart feed of news and subscriptions.

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