Xiaomi shows groundbreaking technology! Budget models will be much better

Xiaomi demonstrates innovative technology! Budget models will be much better
Xiaomi has developed an effective fingerprint scanner located inside the LCD screen. A smartphone with such technology does not yet exist, so the Chinese have good chances of a breakthrough.

We have well-known readers installed inside the screens for about two years. Of course, the Chinese who excelled in mobile technology developed and implemented them. Now they again have a chance to change the market. This is not surprising because they talked about new technologies for months. Many companies have taken up the creation of such a sensor, but only Xiaomi reports that it is ready for mass production.

An example of the redesigned Redmi Note 8 Pro shows the operation of the sensor - you can see it in the video below. So far, everything looks smooth and fast.

We will meet LCD matrices in all other models, so even the cheapest phones can have built-in sensors in LCD screens. If only the cost of manufacturing such a scanner would be relatively small.

Xiaomi introduced the technology, but did not announce the presentation of a specific device - the final implementation of the reader on the LCD may take several months.

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