Xiaomi patented folding smartphone with a retractable camera

Xiaomi's Chinese electronics maker, like Samsung and Huawei's smartphone market leaders, is actively showing interest in foldable devices with flexible OLED screens. A year ago, Xiaomi showed a working prototype of a smartphone with a flexible screen, which developed in two places, and now on the Web they found a patent with a company smartphone made in the style of Huawei Mate X. But unlike the latter, the device from the Xiaomi patent has a retractable selfie -camera.

This is a device that generally resembles Huawei's Mate X. That is, a flexible screen goes around the case, which unfolds and turns the smartphone into something like a tablet. A retractable camera makes the device more familiar to the user and allows you to take selfies in the usual way. This, apparently, is the first folding smartphone with a flexible screen, which has a retractable camera.

However, it is not a fact that the device will get to serial implementation. Practice shows that most of the interesting and unusual patents remain patents. Moreover, the prototype that is developing in two places, which Xiaomi showed a year ago, still has not reached serial production.

Despite the mass of "childhood diseases" characteristic of any new technology, foldable smartphones with flexible OLEDs continue to be the current trend, which all any major manufacturers are connecting to. Analysts are confident that such devices will become quite affordable in the next five years.

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