Xiaomi Mi 10 smartphones stopped turning on after the update

Users of the brand new flagship smartphone Xiaomi Mi 10 began to report that after installing the latest beta version of MIUI 10 firmware at number 20.3.4, the smartphone stopped turning on.

More specifically, after the update, when turned on, only a black screen appears, but the smartphone cannot boot. The reason turned out to be quite simple, the update contains an error that Xiaomi promises to quickly fix. At the moment, the company is studying user reviews and is trying to release a new firmware as soon as possible. This beta distribution has been discontinued.

After receiving user reviews that Xiaomi Mi 10 after the update cannot load normally, we immediately stopped the release of this firmware. We are currently investigating the reasons. If new information appears in the future, we will certainly inform you about it. Thanks for the support.

Xiaomi Mi 10 and Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro went on sale at the end of last month, but so far both smartphones are in short supply

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