Xiaomi figured out how to reduce the screen cut-out

The image of the perspective model shows an arched neckline

A resource known for all kinds of leaks has published a picture from the Xiaomi patent application, which concerns a certain promising model. The image attracts attention with a very small notch - the source calls it arc-shaped, although the definition of "influx" would be better. This version is a bit similar to what has been seen in Meizu smartphones. For example, models 16s. And in any case, it is much more compact than the traditional rectangular cut, and droplet-shaped.

As you can see in the picture, the camera is placed in a very small rush under the loudspeaker, and the LED indicator is on the right. On the back panel of your smartphone there is a camera with four modules. Apparently, the picture shows an entry level or middle level model. It is possible that Redmi 10 or Redmi Note 10 will look like this.

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