WizzAir introduces automatic online check-in for passengers

WizzAir is one of the most popular low cost airlines in Europe. These lines have now introduced a new service that can help you check in at the airport faster without first applying in the app. The service, unfortunately, will not be free.

What are you talking about? This is an automatic registration option. It can be a relief, especially for people who do not have regular access to the Internet. Thanks to this feature, you will not need to remember to register yourself two days before departure.

Automatic registration of passengers will be carried out 50 hours before departure, and as a result, a person receives boarding passes by mail. It is important that the cards will be sent only in case of booking at least 10 places. The service is not free - passengers must pay $ 7 for each ticket booked. The service will be available for each airport where you can register online.

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