WhatsApp has an official WHO chatbot that tells the whole truth about coronavirus

So WhatsApp and WHO decide to fight misinformation about COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic is accompanied by the publication of inaccurate data: dishonest media and bloggers give out what they really want, only by heating up the panic. The World Health Organization was not able to agree with this state of affairs and introduced an advanced means of informing about the real situation with the pandemic. This was helped by the developers of the WhatsApp messenger.

Now, every WhatsApp user, through the official WHO bot, can receive complete and reliable information about the spread of the pandemic and its remedies. Also, users using the bot can read the latest news on the topic, get tips for travelers and even ask their questions. All that is needed is to add the telephone number +41 79 893 18 92 to the contact list, and then start the chat by clicking "join".

Of course, all the data from the chat is available on the website of WHO itself, however, WhatsApp offers a more convenient tool for those who want to keep abreast of the latest news and the current situation.

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