Up to 70 percent of German population can be infected with coronavirus

This was stated by Professor Virologist Dr. Christian Drosten from Charité Berlin Hospital. If such a scale of the epidemic threatens a disciplined Germany, then it is unlikely to be smaller in other European countries, as well as in Russia. There are already 151 cases in Germany. In Moscow on March 3, the first infected COVID-19 was officially detected. By evening, it became known that due to communication with him, 24 people were isolated, another 83 were placed in home quarantine. 7 days the patient moved freely around the city. Authorities claim to have identified everyone with whom he spoke.

According to virologist Christian Droosten, most of the German population will be infected one way or another with the new coronavirus. “It is likely that the virus will infect 60 to 70 percent of the country's inhabitants, but we don’t know how long,” said the expert. “It can take two years or even longer.”

The forecast is depressing, but the chronicle of the expansion of the epidemic is impressive. The number of deaths from the virus worldwide exceeded 3 thousand people. The number of infected has reached 90,000, the number of infected outside of China has exceeded 10,000. The virus has spread to 72 countries and their number continues to increase daily. Over the past 24 hours, the authorities of Morocco, Andorra, Latvia, Indonesia, Scotland, Saudi Arabia, Portugal, Tunisia, Senegal, Jordan reported the appearance of the first patients with coronavirus on their territory.

The European Commission reported that 2100 cases of infection were recorded in 18 EU member states by mid-day on March 2. But by evening this number had grown by several hundred.

The European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) has announced an increase in the level of threat associated with the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus infection from moderate to high in the EU countries.

The agency explained that in Europe, the number of cases of COVID-19 infection is growing, when it is not possible to establish a chain of transmission of the virus, while the likelihood of introducing infection from other countries increases. According to the ECDC, in 80% of cases, COVID-19 infection leads to a disease without the development of pneumonia or with its mild form, but in 14% of cases the disease is classified as severe, and in 6% - as critically dangerous.

The most difficult situation is now in Italy. Over the last day there were 324 new cases of COVID-19 infection and 18 new deaths due to complications associated with the virus.

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