TrendForce Analysts Expect Smartphone Release to Reduce 3.5% This Year

TrendForce analysts predict that disruption of production due to the outbreak of COVID-19 will lead to a decrease in smartphone production this year. The decrease in output in the current quarter compared to the first quarter of 2019 is already estimated at 13.3%.

The spread of the virus not only forced to temporarily stop production, but also caused a longer effect, since not all workers had returned to their places, and transport communications had been broken. It is assumed that the consequences of the outbreak will be felt for several months until the supply chain is restored to normal.

According to a new forecast by TrendForce, 270 million smartphones will be released in the current quarter. Before the outbreak, shipments of 307 million units were forecast. Assuming the pandemic ends in the second quarter, analysts expect a significant increase in demand in the second half. But this will not be enough to save the figures for the year as a whole. According to forecasts, experts expect that 1.35 billion vehicles will be shipped during the year - 3.5% less than in 2019. The initial forecast included a value of 1.41 billion.

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