Traffic ants are immune to traffic jams - even on the busiest routes

The well-known manufacturer of construction and road equipment, the American company Caterpillar, together with NASA, are developing machines that will soon have to work on the lunar surface.

The goal of the joint project is to understand whether it makes sense to send remotely controlled equipment to the moon to extract rock, the building material for the housing of future participants in lunar missions. NASA's choice is not accidental - Caterpillar is a recognized global leader in the design and construction of construction equipment.

The benefit of the new project is obvious - the use of semi-autonomous machines will significantly reduce the participation of astronauts in hazardous construction work.

Whether it is a coincidence or not, one of Caterpillar’s ​​latest achievements is unmanned mining equipment. These developments will come in handy for NASA's planned return to the moon in 2024. Plans include the construction of a permanent base near the satellite’s South Pole.

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