Top ranking of the best programs for recording from a computer screen 2020

Screen recording is needed when you want to save a webinar, online conference or record a stream. Sometimes you have to plan recordings for the months ahead, and being present at the computer does not always work.

In the article, we will talk about four screen recording programs: for streaming video and webinars, with an advanced and simple interface, for beginners and professionals.

Movavi Screen Recorder

Movavi Screen Recorder - a program for recording video from the screen, which is designed for novice users. No complicated tools: you record a screen with just one button. Select the area to capture the screen manually: full screen, part of the screen or program window. In addition to the video from the screen, the program allows you to save the image from the webcam. When the recording is ready, the video can be edited in a simple built-in editor. You cut out unnecessary fragments, remove background noises, adjust the colors with filters.

In the Scheduler, you can schedule entries for months to come: select a date and time, and the program will save the screen at the right time. After that, you can configure the computer to turn off or go into sleep mode.

Share screenshots in Whats App and Telegram directly from the program. For screenshots, you can also select the capture area and save only the desired part of the screen.

Separately, you will work with sound: record audio from speakers, speakers or all sources at once. In the settings, the sounds of mouse clicks are turned on, and you can also show keystrokes. Thanks to modern design, it will be easy for you to get started. The program can be minimized when working in a browser or other applications.

The program supports the formats AVI, MP4, MOV, MKV and others, so you can watch the video on your phone, tablet or on TV.

Cost: about 25 dollars

Level of preparation: for beginners.


  • There are versions for Windows and Mac;
  • Built-in editor
  • Ability to send screenshots directly from the program;
  • Lessons on the site.


  • Not signed interface icons.

Screen camera

The design of the On-Screen Camera program is simpler than that of Movavi, but the application is also designed for non-professional users. The program has three modes for recording a screen: Full screen, Screen fragment, Selected window. You can move the capture frame or change its size, including manually changing the parameters. Sound is recorded from the speakers or microphone. To prevent extraneous noise from entering the video, it’s better to turn off the microphone.

Directly from the program, you can go to the online textbook - a section on the site where lessons on working in the program are published. You will learn how to record videos from Skype, shoot videos on YouTube and save the passing game.

In the built-in editor, you will create a splash screen for the video and add intro titles, cut out unnecessary fragments. You will find more than 30 built-in screensavers and ringtones for the clip. If you recorded off-screen comments on a microphone, then add them to the video directly in the program.

After editing the record, you can share it on YouTube or prepare for publication on VKontakte. The on-screen camera supports the popular formats AVI, MP4, MOV, WMV and others.

Cost: about 10 dollars

Level of preparation: for beginners.


  • Lessons on the site;
  • Built-in editor
  • Low cost.


  • Large program window;
  • Timeless design.


Snagit Screen-Capture and Recording Software - a program for recording a screen in English. The developers site is also in English, the program offers German and French.

The program can be minimized and opened from the taskbar: this way it will not take up space on the screen. There are three icons for capturing the screen in the recording window: Image, Video and All-in-One. The latter mode allows you to save videos, images and even take a panoramic screen capture. For each mode, the size of the recording area is set. In addition, you can add effects and immediately turn on the settings to share on social networks. Here the cursor recording is turned on and off. Settings can be saved as a preset to make it easier to capture the screen in the future.

To start recording, click Capture. The capture area is conveniently set manually: orange guides tell you which part of the screen is inside the recording area. Snagit will itself mark windows or objects that can be recorded separately. The window can be recorded accurate to pixels.

In the built-in editor, you crop the image and add text, attach arrows and comment clouds. The file can immediately be saved for Windows, Power Point or Excel, and directly from the program - sent to YouTube or Google Drive.

Cost: about 49.95 dollars

Level of preparation: for beginners.


  • There are versions for Windows and Mac;
  • The program refines the boundaries of objects to pixels;
  • The ability to share and save the file for many programs.


  • There is no Russian language;
  • You need to register to get started (even in the trial version).

Obs studio

OBS-Studio is designed for streaming - recording online video and streams. There is a website in Russian.

The interface has five sections: scenes, audio mixer, sources, transitions between scenes and the recording control panel. Scenes are separate streams of video or audio. It’s convenient to switch between them, as well as edit them. Using an audio mixer, you can change the volume of different streams independently of each other - for example, in recorded video and comments from a microphone. Remove noise or amplify bits.

In the control panel, you can stop recording and switch to professional studio mode (Studio Mode). It’s better to switch to studio mode before publishing the video. Here you look at the preview of the clip and individual scenes, create new scenes and improve the old ones.

You can edit files immediately in the program: you do not have to open additional applications. To edit videos faster, configure hotkeys to switch between sources or turn off the volume. Apply chromakey, adjust colors and add image masks.

Cost: Free.

Level of training: for advanced and professional users.


  • Is free;
  • Lots of professional tools;
  • There are versions for Windows, Mac and Linux.


  • Difficult for a beginner interface.

We hope that the review will help you with choosing a screen recording program. If you often record streaming videos, choose OBS Studio. Movavi Screen Recorder is suitable for normal screen recording, and if you do not care about the intuitive interface, select the Screen Camera. If you know English, try Snagit.

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