Thousands of crypto miners join the fight against COVID-19

Thousands of crypto miners took part in the Folding @ home system project, reports ZDNet portal on March 20.

Ethereum's largest cryptocurrency mining service, CoreWeave, provides the computing power of thousands of GPUs for the project. “CoreWeave is happy to support the project of our 6000 top-end GPUs,” the company’s website said.

The service also offers all its users to support the project. The head of CoreWeave, Brian Venturo, said that miners provided more than half the computing power currently available to the Folding @ home coronavirus project. He encouraged all miners to participate in this project.

Note that the Folding @ home program appeared in 2000. It allows you to use the distributed computing power of ordinary users' computers to solve complex computing problems in various fields of science. Currently, projects aimed at studying the coronavirus COVID-19 have appeared in the system.

Note, miners are people who use GPUs to calculate new blocks of cryptocurrencies. These tasks have great computational complexity.

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