The renowned driver Guy Martin has accelerated a modified JCB tractor to a record 165 km / h. And thus he beat the past achievement right away at 25 km / h, leaving Stig from the series “Top Gear” and his experimental “Track-tor” far behind. The record lasted less than a year.

The design model of the record-breaking machine was based on the production model Fastrac JCB 4000 series, from which all minor parts were removed to reduce the weight of the structure. New wheels and a 7.2-liter engine were installed on the tractor, with an equivalent power of 1000 horsepower and a torque of 1844 Nm.

Valve seats and connecting rods were upgraded on the engine, plus auxiliary piston cooling and an external oil cooler to cope with the tremendous heat generation during acceleration. A typical variator was replaced with a six-speed manual gearbox ZF with multi-plate wet clutch. The Williams Advanced Engineering team from Formula 1 was responsible for adapting the external parts to minimize air resistance.

Tests were conducted at the Elvington airfield near York, England. Guy Martin made two full races, the average speed of a super-tractor was 165 km / h. Other details are not yet known, as the race is only part of a documentary, which will be shown closer to the end of the year.