The Zalman CNPS20X cooling system is suitable for processors with TDP up to 300W

It's designed as a double tower.

Zalman has added to its range the Zalman CNPS20X cooling system, which is suitable for processors with TDP up to 300W. It is built on the scheme of a double turret.

Two blocks of plates are strung onto six heat tubes that pass through the heat sink base. The unit uses IHD (Interactive Heat Transfer Design) technology, which, according to Zalman, improves heat transfer many times over. The radiator fins are corrugated, creating a honeycomb structure of 350 individual airflow channels. The flows are created by two fans, one for each plate block.

In fans with hydrodynamic bearings, a proprietary design has also found application - the patented shape of the impeller with double blades. It is said to make the air flow more focused, which improves the airflow of the radiator. The rotation speed is adjustable in the range of 800-1500 rpm. The noise level does not exceed 29 dBA. The fans are decorated with backlighting compatible with the Razer Chroma control system.
Dimensions of the system are 172 x 184 x 140 mm, weight - 1300 g. The price of CNPS20X is about 90 euros.

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