The temperature in Antarctica rose above 20 ° C, setting a new record

Brazilian scientists at a research base in Antarctica recorded a record +20.75 ° C, writes Ouest-France. As the permafrost study specialist noted, these data are not yet evidence of global warming. However, recently such records follow one after another, the newspaper notes.

In February, scientists in the Antarctic recorded a record: the temperature here for the first time exceeded 20 ° C, Ouest-France reports with reference to AFP agency.

According to the publication, a record of +20.75 ° C was registered on Seymour Island, where the Argentinean scientific station is located. “We have never seen such a high temperature in Antarctica,” said Brazilian researcher Carlos Schaefer during an WhatsApp interview. However, he emphasized that these data are not an indicator of climate change. It’s just “a sign that something else is happening in this region.”

Schaefer, who is a specialist in permafrost research, explained that temperature summaries were obtained as part of a 20-year research project. Its purpose is to study the effects of climate change in permafrost zones. “We cannot use the” project “to predict future climate change, this is data” at a particular point in time, the researcher noted.

The French newspaper recalls that the previous record of 18.3 ° С was recorded at the Argentinean base of Esperanza on February 6 and exceeded +17.5 ° С recorded on March 24, 2015. The decade that ended in 2019 took second place among the warmest ever recorded, and 2020 continues this trend. So, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), January was the warmest in the history of meteorological observations, leaving 2016 behind. On Thursday, the US agency published its forecast, according to which the average temperature on the surface of the earth will be 1.14 ° C higher than in the XX century, and the highest since the beginning of measurements in 1880, writes Ouest-France.

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