The simplest method will reduce the flow of water in the shower by 20-30%

Most people take a shower or bath almost every day. The fact that this is a very expensive pleasure we usually find out when we receive an invoice for payment of services. We are all the more unaccustomed to think about the fact that we spend a large amount of fresh water, whose reserves on Earth are not infinite. Do not also forget that by dumping used water, we harm nature. The question naturally arises: How to learn to save on your habit?

Cranfield University published the results of a study showing that if there are normal watches in the bathroom, a person automatically tries to reduce the time spent in the shower.

As an experiment, Agurdio sensors were installed in 25 showers of various residential premises to control wash time. When the tap is opened, a timer is displayed on the sensor screen, counting the exact time during which the person uses the shower.

Seeing the readings of the device, people tried to complete the procedure faster. As a result, the study showed that they spent on average 20-30% less time in showers than usual.

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