The satellite succeeded in transmitting the world's first SMS message

Lynk carried out the world's first transmission of SMS messages from satellite to a user smartphone. Previously, such an operation required the use of a satellite phone, or the installation of additional equipment. As an experimental smartphone, the most ordinary phone running Android was chosen. To send a message, Lynk had to write his satellite software.

The startup is aimed at launching the required number of satellites to provide people across the earth with affordable direct communications. The company plans to launch small satellites of 25 kg each, which will be located at an altitude of 500 km from the Earth and provide extensive coverage. The difference between the technology and the analogues of SpaceX or OneWeb is that Lynk allows you to turn all smartphones into satellite devices and will be monetized by telecom operators who will act as intermediaries between the user and the startup.

The first message contained the text: “This is a test”, but for some reason the first three letters of the message were lost during transmission.

There is no talk of deploying 5G networks yet, since the startup is more focused on providing communications to those regions where it is not available at all now, which is about ~ 1 billion users.

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