The Russians rushed to buy expensive smartphones. IPhone sales explosive growth

The collapse of the ruble and the epidemic of coronavirus provoked the Russians to buy new smartphones, until their value increased. Sales of gadgets jumped sharply, and in Russia there was a likelihood of a shortage of Apple technology.

"Investments" in smartphones

In Russia, there has been a sharp jump in smartphone sales, which began on March 9, 2020. There may be several reasons for the rapid growth in demand for gadgets.

According to Kommersant, citing a representative of the operator VimpelCom (the Beeline brand), on March 9, 2020 Samsung smartphones sold 45% better on its network of telecom stores than a week before, and Apple iPhone sales grew by 49% The reasons for this explosive increase in demand were attributed to the fears of Russians about the likely decline in the supply of equipment to Russia amid the spread of coronavirus.

Possible reasons also included the rapid depreciation of the ruble, directly related to the disruption of the transaction between Russia, Saudi Arabia and other states from OPEC + to limit oil production. In the foreseeable future, the collapse of the ruble will lead to an increase in equipment prices by 20-40%. The increase will affect the products of all brands represented in Russia, not only Apple and Samsung.

Festive excitement

March 10, 2020, the day after the hype, the sales of smartphones by large manufacturers fell to their normal level, Beeline noted. In other communication stores, including MTS and Svyaznoy, no increased interest in mobile devices, according to their employees, was observed after the March holidays.

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