The only current Samsung smartphone with a removable battery? Galaxy Xcover Pro disassembly nostalgic

At the beginning of the year, Samsung introduced the Galaxy Xcover Pro smartphone, a mid-tier security model priced at 500 euros. Recall that the device is not afraid of water and dust, complies with the MIL-STD-810G standard, is based on SoC Exynos 9611 and has a battery capacity of 4050 mAh.

By today's standards, this is an unusual device for Samsung, as the company has almost ceased to produce such protected models. And in general, in this segment basically only third-tier brands or generally little-known manufacturers remained.

And today we have the opportunity to look at the process of disassembling the Galaxy Xcover Pro and nostalgic.

As you can see, the smartphone has a regular back cover, and the battery is removable. Previously, all smartphones were like that, but today you can hardly find such a thing.

In general, the Galaxy Xcover Pro is very easy to disassemble and assemble, except for the process of dismantling the display, which in any case requires some effort and dexterity.

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