The largest An-225 in the world made its first flight after modernization

On March 5, after a year and a half of modernization, test flights of the world's largest transport aircraft An-225 "Mriya" began near Kiev.

According to available information, during the modernization the aircraft received new avionics and one of the engines was replaced.

For reference: designer of the AN-225 - Antonov Design Bureau. The first flight took place in December 1988. The plane was intended for transportation of reusable spaceship "Buran" to the launch site. An-225 "Mriya" exists in a single copy.

The giant aircraft holds several world records, including delivery of the heaviest cargo weighing 187.6 tons. It is able to lift even more - up to 250 tons. The Mriya's take-off weight is 630 tons. The An-225 carried large-size cargo, such as wind turbine blades, various heavy equipment and military supplies for the US Army.

Double-circuit plumage and curved wings with six turbojet engines - a kind of combination of design of the former Soviet school and modern innovations, which includes an automated control system, triple redundant hydraulics and chassis, consisting of 32 wheels. Loading is carried out through the tilting nose section. The capacity of the cargo bay is more than 14000 cubic meters.

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