The Kirin 820 will receive the most modern Mali graphics core, but will it get to us?

Her fate may befall Kirin 810

The single-chip Kirin 810 system is one of the best in its segment. But outside of China, until recently, smartphones did not go out with it. But to replace it is already Kirin 820.

According to rumors, the first smartphone with this SoC will be the Honor 30S. We have already written about the platform more than once, but different sources pointed to different parameters.

Fresh data was published by a trusted insider. He claims that the Kirin 820 will include Cortex-A76 processor cores and Mali-G77 GPUs. In addition, she will have an integrated 5G modem, and Kirin 820 will be produced according to the seven-meter process technology. In addition, the image processor and NPU will be completely new.

Thus, the Kirin 820 will be the first Huawei single-chip system with the Mali-G77 graphics core. You can expect that in its performance, the Kirin 820 will surpass the mid-budget SoC Snapdragon 765G and Exynos 980, but you need to wait for the announcement and tests.

The question remains open regarding the prospects for the appearance of the Kirin 820 outside of China. At least at the beginning of her life's journey.

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