The KickStarter website is raising funds to release the Atreus keyboard

She only has 44 keys.

It's going well - although there are still 26 days before the end of the campaign, the amount raised has already exceeded the target many times and is close to $ 145,000.
The keyboard is small in size - only 24.3 x 10.0 x 2.8 cm. It uses full-size mechanical keys. Obviously, the creators of Atreus had to sacrifice the number of keys. However, according to them, even 44 keys are enough for comfortable work, if you optimize their location and allocate functions between three "layers", which are switched between Fn and Upper keys.
It will be possible to check in practice whether this is the case in August - that's when the shipment of keyboards will begin. The minimum fee that allows you to count on receiving your copy is now $99. By the way, the assignment of keys can be programmed, and the firmware is distributed with open source.

When ordering a keyboard, you will be able to select the type of Kailh switches (with a click, tactile response or linear characteristic). In all cases, 70 million trips are declared to have been triggered. The caps are replaceable. The keypad is equipped with a USB interface.

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