The iPhone 9 (iPhone SE 2) is just around the corner. The smartphone is in the final stages of production verification

Rumors about the prospects for the release of iPhone 9 (iPhone SE 2) amid the outbreak of coronavirus in China have been and remain controversial. Some sources say the delay, while others say that the smartphone will be on time. Apple, of course, does not say anything, since it did not even confirm the upcoming release of such a model.

New data indicates that the iPhone SE 2 has entered the final stage of production verification at the Zhengzhou plant. It is expected that the device can be presented at the end of this month, but here the sources also do not have a single opinion.

The same applies to prices, although in recent years the majority has leaned toward a starting mark of $ 400. Yesterday's photo of the smartphone also confirms the very initial rumors that in fact we will get the iPhone 8 with a new “stuffing”.

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