The ideal Samsung budget employee? Galaxy M21 will receive a giant battery and a fairly modern platform

Samsung recently released a Galaxy M31 smartphone with a huge 6000 mAh battery. But in fact, this model is an almost complete copy of the Galaxy M30s - unless the camera was made better.

According to the source, soon we will have another copy of the Galaxy M30s. The Galaxy M21 will also be based on the Exynos 9611 SoC and will also receive an equally gigantic battery. The main camera will also be 48-megapixel, and indeed in general the Galaxy M21 may be a complete copy of the Galaxy M30s. Perhaps Samsung will only slightly change the design.

That is, in the end we get two very similar smartphones of the new generation: Galaxy M21 and Galaxy M31. In addition, the Galaxy M30s is also for sale. And it’s not very clear why Samsung has so many identical or very similar devices.

At the same time, if we compare the Galaxy M21 with the Galaxy M20, then the changes are very significant. This is a more capacious battery, and a new camera, and a much more productive and modern platform.

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