The first Amazon Go grocery store without sellers opens in Seattle

A new Amazon Go store has opened in Seattle, the United States. It’s completely automatic, and it’s without any personnel. Unlike past pilot projects, it is already a full-size trading establishment, covering an area of ​​700 sq.m., where a wide range of food products is sold. There is a store in the city center, near the local Capitol Hill.

The store’s working principle is extremely simple - at the entrance you need to log in to the Amazon application, and then pick up the basket, scanning everything you want to buy. The invoice will be automatically billed through the app. The interior of the store is designed on the principle of self-service, nothing is said about security measures and protection from fraudsters.

As Dilip Kumar, Amazon's vice president of retail and technology, explained, the concept is much broader than just a “shop without people.” The first outlet is located in the business center of the city, it offers the fastest possible sale of products for those who want a snack. The second, called Amazon Go Grocery (grocery), will be several times larger, will contain a wider range and will be located in a residential area, with a focus on households. True, he did not specify when and how many new stores are planned to open.

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