The epidemic will increase interest in autonomous vehicles

Stay in your homes... Avoid contact with other people... Yes, but you have to live somehow. The coronavirus epidemic and related restrictions have revived the hope for faster implementation of autonomous vehicles, i.e. those without drivers. The companies that develop this technology are in an unprecedented heyday.

These include Neolix, a startup from Beijing, a manufacturer of small automated commercial vehicles. They have been distributing food, medicine and medical equipment to hospitals in the cut-off city of Wuhan. Thanks to the relaxation of regulations to prevent such vehicles from driving on public roads, these vehicles were used both to disinfect empty streets and to supply people working in hospitals.

Neolix began manufacturing its cars last May. In the first eight months of production, it assembled 125 autonomous minivans. The last two months have brought orders for another 200. Founder Yu Enyuan expects sales to rise to around 1,000 units per year.

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