The dates of the appearance of an unmanned flying taxi in Russia

Pavel Bulat, one of the leaders of the Aeronet working group, spoke about the prospects of an unmanned flying taxi, which is being created in Russia. An innovative type of transport, as Bulat noted, will appear in the Russian Federation as a fully functional prototype by 2025.

The developers of unmanned aerial taxi are confident that the new transport will become truly massive and will significantly reduce the time spent on moving between individual settlements. Flying unmanned vehicles, in addition, will allow you to get to hard-to-reach places where there are no ordinary roads at all.

An unmanned aerial taxi, which Aeronet specialists are working on, will develop a speed of about 500 kilometers per hour. Given autonomy in the region of one hour, a flying machine will be able to overcome five hundred kilometers in one flight. The carrying capacity of the transport will be half a ton, that is, four people with some cargo can fit on board.

"The power plant is a gas turbine system connected to an electric generator. The latter feeds six electric motors through a battery of supercapacitors. The motors rotate the lift and march propellers, which are completely hidden inside the fuselage. It, in turn, also performs the functions of a wing," Bulat said, noting that the device will be controlled by inkjet rudders and a dynamic thrust vector.

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