The Apple A12Z processor on the new iPad Pro is the same as the 2018 models

The new Apple A12Z chip that is being installed in the new version of the iPad Pro is the same processor as the A12X in the 2018 tablet. The company claimed it added the eighth GPU core to the new processor, but the previous chip simply didn't include it, according to Notebook Check.

Physical differences between the two processors are minimal, and the new name for the chip in the iPad Pro 2020 is part of the marketing campaign, according to journalists. Notebook Check quotes test data from TechInsights. Its representatives confirmed that the old processor was also eight-core and in this regard is no different from the new one. And are there any other differences. TechInsights doesn't know yet - experts have not yet received a new version of iPad Pro.

We don't know why Apple took this step. Probably the company's decision was conscious - so they avoided the need to develop the Apple A13X, which can be installed in new devices expected in the fall of 2020. Apple could thus focus on developing the A14X processor, which is rumoured to be based on a 5-nanometer processor.

Apple is not the first company to intentionally understate the number of cores in its processors. This is what NVIDIA did with its RTX 2080 Ti graphics card, which supports 4352 CUDA cores. At the same time, the more premium Titan RTX card supports 4,608 cores, although both models use the same TU102 GPU.

Apple introduced the new iPad Pro on March 18. The device received support for the Magic Keyboard, which appeared in the new MacBook Air. The corporation said that thanks to the new chip Apple A12Z device will be faster than most notebooks with Windows operating system, and its power will be enough to mount 4K-video and design 3D-models.

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