The acclaimed flexible smartphone Escobar Fold turned out to be a massive scam

Can you trust the brother of one of the most famous drug lords in history? Roberto de Jesus Escobar, founder of the Escobar Inc. brand, insisted - not only possible, but necessary. For the criminal past is behind, and in the plans of his company to make happy as many people as possible. In particular, selling them the latest folding smartphone Escobar Fold 1 for only $ 349, despite the fact that it is not inferior to the flagships of the market and even comes in a gold case.

News about the $ 349 Escobar Fold 1 model appeared in December last year, and by the end of winter a more advanced model, the Escobar Fold 2, was already planned. But something went wrong, and bloggers, removing a layer of golden paint, found an apparatus instead of the first model Royole FlexPai, and instead of the second ... Samsung Galaxy Fold. And in Escobar Inc. were not particularly puzzled by disguise and, for example, left almost all the native software for the gadget.

Further investigations by reporters revealed that Escobar Inc. really bought a batch of smartphones from Samsung that do not meet the quality standards of the Korean brand or returned to stores with a small marriage. But even with a discount for marriage, this does not explain how you can sell the repainted Royole Felxpai, which costs $ 1490 for only $ 350, and the Galaxy Fold model cost $ 1980 for a ridiculous $ 400, and not go broke? Reservations that Escobar only boxed the smartphone itself and charging, saving on everything else, are untenable.

The truth turned out to be much more unsightly: many of those who ordered and paid for Escobar Fold 1 did not receive them. They apologized to someone, referred to difficulties with deliveries and promised to send immediately the Escobar Fold 2 model at no extra charge, but this did not happen. This whole “business” looks, at least, strange. Law enforcement agencies are just right to become interested in what the Escobar family actually does.

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