Tenneco talks about developing new material for the automotive industry

American industrial company Tenneco shared information about the creation of new material to be used in the automotive industry. According to the company, the new material includes a minimum of scarce cobalt, and with the development of technology it will be possible to use it in 3D laser printers.

As it was found out by Avto.pro, the creation of the new material is almost complete and now Tenneco is working on making it cheaper. Representatives of the company note that this material has high heat resistance and can be used in the manufacture of turbines, engines and valves. According to Gian Maria Olivetti, head of Tenneco Powertrain, the company's latest development will virtually eliminate cobalt, which is used in the manufacture of ultra-hard and heat-resistant parts.

According to Jens Wellman, manager of Tenneco Powertrain, one of the laboratory tests showed that the new material, called FM-T88A, is as heat-resistant as sintered steel with cobalt in it, but shows less wear at temperatures up to 800°C.

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