System76 develops keyboard

System76, an elegant Linux-based desktop PC, is developing its first keyboard. About this manufacturer said in a blog.

The company expects to create a keyboard that is optimal for the System76 PC user. For this, the developers, in particular, finalized the layout, trying to use the thumbs more and the little fingers little. In addition, they reduced the number of key size options to three and provided the ability to program all keys. Allegedly, this made the keyboard more configurable. Change the configuration and add functional layers in accordance with the needs of the user will allow special software.

It is important that the development moves iteratively, when each idea is tested in practice and finalized taking into account the tests, until a final solution is found. The company notes that the capabilities of the keyboard will be in good agreement with the capabilities of the new version of the proprietary OS - Pop! _OS 20.04.

The estimated start date for keyboard sales is the end of the summer of this year.

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