Supercomputer has identified 77 substances that can stop coronavirus

Summit, the world's most powerful unallocated computer system, has identified a number of chemicals that can stop the spread of COVID-19 and help create an effective vaccine.

In the course of thousands of simulations at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the supercomputer analyzed which compounds could prevent the virus from infecting the body’s cells by neutralizing its spikes. 77 detected substances that meet the stated requirements will be the basis for future research to find an effective vaccine.

Since the compounds themselves are not a medicine, in the future, scientists using an updated computer model will develop a drug that can not only prevent the spread of infection, but will also be safe to use.

After this, biochemists will also need to create a material sample, and then conduct a series of experiments and confirm the claimed properties in practice.

Recently, researchers also developed new reusable face masks with a nanofiber filter that can solve the problem of scarcity.

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